# Import and Export

# Annotation

The Annotation supports three types of files to import/export data: XFDF, FDF and JSON. The following table lists what annotations currently support or not support to import/export.

File Type If all annots support What not support
XFDF/FDF Mostly Screen Image, Link, Sound
JSON Mostly Screen Image, Link, Sound


The following table list methods that can be used to import/export from/to data file.

Import PDFDoc.importAnnotsFromFDF() PDFDoc.importAnnotsFromJSON(annotsJson) PDFPage.addAnnot(annotJson)
Export PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToFDF() PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToJSON() Annot.exportToJson()

It is recommended to use a corresponding method to import and export data. For example, If PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToJSON() is called to export data, then it would better the PDFDoc.importAnnotsFromJSON(annotsJson)is used to import.

Note: Adding exported JSON data to the document via the PDFPage.addAnnot method can lead to loss of binary data streams for some annotations, such as Stamp and fileAttachment. This is because the PDFPage.addAnnot method does not support JSON data that contains binary streams. Therefore, if the data exported by PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToJSON contains binary streams, then it cannot be passed to the PDFPage.addAnnot method.

var pdfViewer = await pdfui.getPDFViewer();
var test = {ExportDataFile:'http://pathToSourceFile.pdf',ImportDatafile:'http://pathToTargetFile.pdf'};
var resp = await fetch(test.ExportDataFile);
var file = await resp.blob();

var pdfdoc = await pdfViewer.openPDFByFile(file);
var annotJson = await pdfdoc.exportAnnotsToJSON();
var newResp = await fetch(test.ImportDatafile);
var newFile = await newResp.blob()

var newPdfdoc = await pdfViewer.openPDFByFile(newFile);
for(var i=0;i<annotJson.length;i++){
    var newPage = await newPdfdoc.getPageByIndex(annotJson[i].page);
    var newAnnot = await newPage.addAnnot(annotJson[i]);

# Form

The Form supports five standard types of files to import/export data: XFDF, FDF, XML, CSV and Txt.


The following table list APIs that Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides to import/export data file.

  • PDFDoc.exportFormToFile()
  • PDFDoc.importFormFromFile()