# Foxit PDF SDK for Web overview

Foxit PDF SDK for Web is a lightweight powerful PDF library for web applications developed taking all advantages of Foxit's signature core rendering engine. Using the SDK, developers can deploy and customize a complete PDF viewer to display, annotate, fill forms and sign documents in a web browser. Integrating Foxit PDF SDK for Web into a zero-footprint web application allows end users to view PDF documents on any type of device without installing anything.

# Why Foxit PDF SDK for Web is your choice

Foxit is a leading software provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents. Foxit PDF SDK for Web is a cross-platform solution for PDF online viewing. Foxit PDF SDK for Web enterprise edition has been chosen by many of the world's leading firms for integration into their solutions. Customers choose this product for the following reasons:

Fully customizable Developers can easily design a unique style for their Foxit PDF SDK for Web user interface, making it consistent to their own branding and other web applications.

Easy to integrate

Developers can easily integrate Foxit PDF SDK for Web by referring to the product's knowledge base and writing a small amount of code to display and edit PDF files. The web-based pdf viewer also provides a large amount of interfaces to connect users and user data.

Standard and consistent annotation data

The annotations in Foxit PDF SDK for Web are consistent when viewing and editing in other applications, as well as following industry-leading professional standards for quality and compliance.

Powered by Foxit's high fidelity rendering PDF engine

The core technology of Foxit PDF SDK for Web is based on Foxit's PDF engine, which is trusted by a large number of well-known companies. Foxit's powerful engine makes document viewing fast and consistent in all environments.

In addition, Foxit's products are offered with the full support of our dedicated support engineers if support and maintenance options are purchased. Updates are released on a regular basis. Foxit PDF SDK for Web is the most cost-effective choice if you want to develop a cross-platform web PDF document viewer.

# Audience and Scope

This document is primarily intended for developers who need to integrate Foxit PDF SDK for Web into their web applications. It includes the direct reference examples as well as custom front-end APIs for customization.

# Your Web Application

Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides a solution that enables a web viewer to interact with PDFs seamlessly without any plugins or local applications. Developers should prepare a PDF hosting server like Nginx, Apache or the HTTP server in Node.js platform and do the usual configuration before using Foxit PDF SDK for Web.

# Browser Support

Foxit PDF SDK for Web currently supports all modern browsers. From version 9.0, Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported.

# Evaluation

Foxit PDF SDK for Web allows users to download the trial version to evaluate the SDK. The trial version is the same as the standard version except for the 15-day limitation for free trial and the trial watermarks in the generated pages. After the evaluation period expires, customers should contact the Foxit sales team and purchase licenses to continue using Foxit PDF SDK for Web.

# License

Developers are required to purchase licenses to use Foxit PDF SDK for Web in their solutions. Licenses grant users permission to release their applications based on Foxit PDF SDK for Web. However, users are prohibited to distribute any documents, sample codes, or source codes in the released packages of Foxit PDF SDK for Web to any third party without the permission from Foxit Software Incorporated.